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Now Hiring! Graduate Assistant

Title: Graduate Assistant

Department:  Wellness Education & Services

Program: Not Ready for Bedtime Players & Student Wellness Advisory Board

Supervisor: Elizabeth (Betsy) Cracco, AVC – Campus Life and Wellbeing

Weekly Hours: 20

Stipend: $32.66 per hour for the appointment term, paid bi-weekly

Appointment Term:     Academic Year Present- May 25, 2024

Periods of Non-Responsibility:  N/A

Appointment Renewal: Appointments are for the stated appointment term only and there is no guarantee of appointment renewal.

Student Affairs and Campus Life (SACL)

Student Affairs and Campus Life is committed to providing meaningful assistantship experiences for graduate students, particularly when these experiences enhance SACL priorities and are relevant to the pursuit of a graduate assistant’s professional goals. It is within this context that SACL makes this assistantship available.

General Summary of Position

The Not Ready for Bedtime Players (NRBP) is a sexual health promotion and social justice peer theater troupe which performs in residence halls, Greek areas, and at campus events. This position involves recruiting, selecting and training students on sexual health and

wellness-related issues as well as theatrical techniques. An additional component of the position is managing the social media presence of the troupe and creating multimedia content about troupe activities for various platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The Student Wellness Advisory Board Graduate Assistant is responsible for developing, coordinating, and evaluating a strategic student engagement plan and directly oversees student advisory council. Assists with general administration as needed for student outreach and engagement, as well as student centered health promotion programming.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assist with recruiting, training, and supervising student NRBP members on behalf of the Troupe Director and the Center for Health Promotion.
  2. Coordinate and implement weekly rehearsals/trainings and two all-day rehearsals/ trainings.
  3. Assist in the development of written, visual, and multimedia materials including video and social media content; coordinate advertising materials and promotion activities.
  4. Assist in the development of culturally-appropriate educational programs and materials.
  5. Assist with data entry and statistical manipulation of program evaluations. Prepare semester reports of program activities and program evaluations.
  6. Attend in-service trainings and meetings as well as attend weekly meetings with supervisor (Troupe Director).
  7. Available to conduct evening programs and maintain scheduled daytime office hours.
  8. Provide wellness and sexuality information and/or referral services, as needed.
  9. Maintain ethical and professional confidentiality as well as cultural competency.
  10. Staff and assist with special Center for Health Promotion outreach projects, including social media.
  11. Work cross functionally with Student Affairs and Campus Life offices.
  12. Conduct needs assessment for student engagement across campus- identify points of access for student feedback, as well as structural assets and barriers for student input.
  13. Conduct needs assessment for student health topics to inform campus initiatives, media/communication strategic plan and special population areas to address health disparities.
  14. Plan, design, implement and evaluate student advisory committee according to Higher Education best practices.
  15. Incorporate social justice concepts and principles into health promotion and student engagement practices.
  16. Plans, implements and evaluates student advisory council meetings.
  17. Develops structure and institutionalizes programming for the function and longevity of the program.
  18. Establish accessible referral protocols for undergraduate students seeking Wellness Cluster services.
  19. Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Required Qualifications

  1. Enrollment as graduate student in good standing during entire term of appointment.
  2. Eligibility for appointment to this assistantship, as determined by the Graduate School.
  3. Availability to serve the entire assistantship term.
  4. Willingness to perform all mandated compliance reporting and related requirements.

To Apply:

Please send cover letter and resume to: Linda Shaw –

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